How To Attract The Right Customer

Have you noticed you have a large amount of customers who are difficult and don't want to pay what you are worth?

If this sounds familiar, the issue is: Who are you attracting for customers?

When I started my real estate law practice, I wanted every deal I could find. I worked with everyone I could, even people I didn't like. I wanted every customer out there. And I got what I asked for. I had more customers than I could handle, and many of them were difficult.

  • I worked seven days a week, and it was not enough.
  • I noticed that although I was busy, I was not earning that much.
  • I calculated all the time I was spending on difficult customers, and I found these difficult people were actually costing me money.

After examining who I was attracting for customers, it became clear: I had asked the Universe for every customer, and the Universe complied.

I discovered that I did not want every customer; instead I wanted customers who were easy to work with and who would pay me what I was worth. I did not want to dread every new customer asking what I charged. I did not want to spend time trying to convince them to pay a reasonable fee. I found it offensive: if they did not value my expertise, why would I want to work with them?

When I started my practice, I was afraid of not having enough customers to survive, and instead I found myself having too many customers to survive. 

I decided to try something new: I would only work with people I liked and with people who would pay my fee; no negotiating.

I fired my difficult customers. I became clear on what I wanted, and good customers started to appear. I started earning more and working less.

I discovered there are more than enough customers out there who would pay me fairly and who would not make my life miserable, with the added bonus that I was less stressed out and I did not have to work as hard.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, now is the time to make a change and I want to help!