Tim is a caring and gifted coach. In his sessions, he provides the space and the support to reconnect with one’s basic goodness and worth. With this important spiritual grounding, Tim helps you make the plans you need to achieve the goals you have identified for yourself.
— Peter, Attorney

Change, even wonderfully good change, can be scary and overwhelming. When your inner voice succumbs to the “what ifs” and doubt and resigns itself again to the safe but blissless path, you need a voice over your shoulder, restarting your inner voice’s change mantra “I think I can, I think I can, I know I can! Tim is that voice.
— Sarah, Attorney

Tim does not seek to change you. He introduces “You” to “You”. His nonjudgmental demeanor inspires you to want to become more of who you are. He knows that the point of life is Joy.

Tim understands that you can never get it wrong because you never get it done. He knows that a Good and Happy Life is allowing your best to rise to the surface and get out of your own way. Tim is a born life coach.
— Laura, Attorney

Tim was helpful in getting me to focus on what I wanted to accomplish and asking questions to lead me to the answer. He then offered concrete steps to help me realize the goal.

It wasn’t until much later that the path I thought I had discovered on my own I had actually been carefully guided to by Tim with his questions and hints. I would recommend him as a coach for anyone trying to get unstuck from their current situation.
— Jim, Attorney and Consultant

In just a few sessions, I was really pleased with how well Tim was able to help me clarify what mattered most in my career and how my previous job could transition to a new consulting practice.

Over two years later, the key attributes of work that we discussed have been realized (more independence and flexibility, more money for less hours working, less day-to-day stress). Our sessions gave me the confidence to switch gears and do what felt right.
— Dan, Economic Consultant

Tim Reilly’s advice and guidance is much appreciated. With uncommon clarity, he asks the right questions and probes for the real answers. Its rare to find a coach with an equal balance of business acumen and spiritual awareness.
— CB, Author

Tim helps you focus on what is important and uses examples to explain his recommendations. He has a very comfortable manner and he is very insightful! Very helpful.
— Roisin, Real Estate Agent

Tim has an innate ability to assess a situation and help you see the larger picture in its simplest form. He helps you identify what really matters and expel all the “clutter” that blocks your decision-making ability.

Best of all, he will do this while helping you feel calm and empowered. If you need guidance on a personal or professional matter, Tim can help you without question!
— Lisa, Public Relations Executive

I had just moved to the area and Tim took the time with me on the phone, as well as in person, to coach me through some challenging personal issues. He is extremely perceptive, highly knowledgeable, always present, and an effective listener. I would highly recommend Tim for life coaching with great confidence.
— Lisa, Graduate Student